New for the Holidays! Enjoy a cup of spicy German Gingerbread Black Tea.

The temperature is dropping and we are starting to get in a Holiday mood. Try our new German Gingerbread Black Tea.  The aroma evokes the comfortable feeling of sitting grandmother's kitchen helping bake Christmas cookies or of meeting friends for an evening of gemutlichkeit at a Christmas Market.  

Enjoy the deep, rich flavors of traditional, spicy gingerbread with cinnamon. Steep a pot of this fragrant, zero-calorie tea and fill your home with the warmth of the season. It's a Bluffton Tea Favorite and available for a limited time.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cocoa beans, Safflower petals,  Chamomile white flowers, Star anise, Natural flavors

And please note Cousin Brooke, to keep in your good graces and not rush the season, we waited until mid-November for this post.