Today's Favorite - Golden Monkey Black Tea

Golden Monkey or Jin Hou is a famous Chinese black tea whose leaves are said to resemble monkey paws and is highly prized.

This year's Golden Monkey lot offers an elegant, thin leaf and golden-brown buds. The malty flavors of this Fujianese black are lively and quick to the palate. This Golden Monkey has everything a traditionally made, high-grade black tea should. Timely plucking in the early flush of spring, followed with a delicate oxidizing and artful processing has created a blend of elegant aromas and flavors.

Golden Monkey offers a full-bodied cup, rich with flavors of malt, hints of chocolate and a wonderful leaf fragrance that linger as you sip. Like most well-made Chinese black teas, the taste of this tea, while evident on the palate, will grow in the finish.  Golden Monkey is a complex black tea and can be enjoyed in multiple infusions, a real treat for black tea lovers.  Cup liquor is a bright red. A true self-drinker but this tea can take milk and sweetener.