Green Teas

Green Tea is minimally processed. Once the leaves and buds are harvested, they are quickly heated (pan-fired, baked, or steamed) in order to dry and prevent too much oxidation from occurring.  They may be rolled, flattened, or torn and fired more than once.  Green tea is not subject to the same withering and oxidation process used in making Oolong and Black teas preserving the fresh-picked taste and rich colors we have come to enjoy.  The flavors range from sweet, vegetal and cream-like, to toasty, nutty, naturally sweet and clean.

Green teas will vary in name, appearance, and taste from plantation to plantation,  region to region. Green teas are known for their fresh flavors and are shaped by a number of factors - the traditional processing of the region, soil and weather conditions, the timing of the harvest, and the plucking standard.

Typically green teas are brewed for a shorter time, 1 - 3 minutes in freshly boiled, then slightly cooled water in order to prevent bitterness and astringency.

Store your green tea in a cool, dark place, away from light and moisture and take care to avoid placing with stronger fragranced spices or coffee.




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