Green Teas

Green Tea, the least oxidized of teas, offers flavors ranging from sweet, vegetal and cream-like to toasty, nutty, naturally sweet and clean.

Green teas will vary in name, appearance and taste from plantation to plantation,  region to region. Green teas are known for their fresh flavors and are shaped by a number of factors - the traditional processing of the region, soil and weather conditions, the timing of the harvest and the plucking standard.

A number of methods are used in the processing of the leaves; they may be rolled, pan flattened, torn.  Then the leaves are "fired" - a method whereby the leaves are heated, drying the leaf and stopping the oxidization process and preserving the rich colors we have come to enjoy.  Firing can be accomplished by drying leaves in the sun, baking in ovens, steaming and/or working in a heated pan or wok, all of which result in partially roasted and fully roasted leaves.



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