What does your cup of tea say about you?

What does your cup of tea say about you? 



British Humor.  Some of it we get and some it we don't.   

However, the article raises some interesting questions and relevant observations. What's your tea preference?  Do you like loose tea or the convenience of bags and what does that say about you?

Lapsang Soughong, sounds sophisticated, but who likes to drink what tastes like a campfire? (Apparently, a lot of our Bluffton Tea Customers do like the smoky taste)

Are Earl Grey drinkers snobby or do they simply have self-proclaimed high standards? (We vote for the high standards) Who else would flavor their mid-morning drink with Bergamot with hints of Parma violets?

And the Greens….The Greens are currently uber cool and may lower your cholesterol, but will they still have the cool factor when they are available everywhere? 

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