From the new owner of Bluffton Tea Company

I am delighted to become the new owner of the Bluffton Tea Company! A little over a year ago I met Lisa Kling, a certified tea specialist, and the developer of the company. She specialized in blending the world’s very best teas and ingredients into taste preferences specific to the Lowcountry. I was thrilled that she also supported local artists, who created one-of-a-kind art for many of her labels. After tasting her teas, I was hooked and became her #1 fan and follower!  Being a tea lover myself, and having studied the health benefits of tea and herbal tisanes for years, we connected immediately. I was always buying her newest blends for myself as well as for gifts. So, when Lisa relocated and decided to sell her business, she presented me with this opportunity, and I couldn’t be happier to accept!

I LOVE TEA! I mean I REALLY love it! I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop talking about it. And I’ll NEVER stop drinking it! Why do I love tea? Let me count the ways…

Tea tastes amazing; it refreshes my soul. There are countless health benefits attributed to various types of tea. But most importantly, a pot of tea makes for a marvelous time of connecting and making memories with friends and loved ones.

Me and tea go way back. Some of my first and favorite childhood memories involved dressing up and having tea parties under a forsythia bush, in full bloom, in our yard with my little playmates. We’d spend hours playing, and drinking pretend tea out of little pink plastic tea cups. My mother, aunt, and grandma, served “real” tea in fancy porcelain tea cups with fresh baked goodies. Later, my friends and I would linger over tea sharing the ups and downs of our lives. We liked to think we were solving a lot of the world’s problems. It was a regular occasion to have tea parties while my children were growing up. Here, they could share their concerns or triumphs of the day, and we could just be “present” in one another’s company.  How wonderful it is to carry this tradition on with my grandchildren now too!  When I started holding in-home tea parties for groups of ladies, it was a new level of joy. To encounter friends connecting, smiling, laughing, and spending valuable time together fills my heart. Sharing tea with those you care about is truly a precious time of blessing. This, in my view, is something the world could use much more of! 

My wish is that you will pull out your fancy tea cups and share some of our blends with your friends and loved ones.  Make some memories of your own and be blessed!  

This week we've been enjoying Sara Kate's Tea Party, Savannah Blend, Apple Mango & Orange, and Watermelon Oolong-  iced & sweetened with strawberries...I can tell you this- it's been a very good week!