Bluffton Blend
Bluffton Blend

Bluffton Blend

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Bluffton Signature Blend, Ginger Peach Black Tea Blend

Enjoy our Bluffton Blend on ice while porching in the deep shade.  Yes, it's a southern thing. The piquant and spicy character of ginger is mellowed with the sweet character of peaches; a perfect mid morning or afternoon tea.  

Ingredients:  Black tea, papaya pieces, peach pieces, ginger, blackberry leaves, calendula & sunflower petals, and natural flavors. 

Brewing Instructions, serve Hot or Cold.
For hot tea: Use 1 rounded teaspoon of loose tea for each 8 oz. of freshly boiled water (194 degrees or warmer), steep 3- 7 minutes.  Add cream and sweetener to taste.  
For iced tea:  Use twice as much tea and steep twice as long.  Pour over ice.  Stir briskly.  Add additional ice and sweeten as desired.  

Garnish with fresh sliced peaches.

Contains Caffeine

Label Art by Murray Sease