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Dazzle Herbal Tisane *Organic*

A dazzling medley of organic botanicals with cool mints, lively citrus, sustaining herbs, robust raspberry leaves, and a hint of cinnamon to help you feel your best.  This tasty rejuvenating blend offers an incredible variety of health benefits.  

Ingredients: *Spearmint, *lemongrass, *orange peel, *peppermint, *rosehips, *raspberry leaf, *cinnamon.



Brewing Instructions:

Hot tea:  Place 1 rounded teaspoon of loose tea in strainer. Pour 8 oz. boiling water over tea. Steep 3-5 minutes.  Sip and enjoy!

For Iced Tea:  Use twice the amount of loose tea and steep twice as long.  Strain and pour over ice.  Sweeten to taste.