Royal Earl Grey
Royal Earl Grey

Royal Earl Grey

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NEW!  We're so excited to present this delicious new blend!  Full-bodied organic black tea deeply layered with dreamy bergamot and beautiful, fragrant florals of the Lowcountry.  A beautiful and fragrant blend fit for "Royalty"!

Aptly named for our friendly Lowcountry neighbor Port Royal, (and the 2nd Earl of Grey), is this glorious blend of lovely blue cornflowers, rose petals, jasmine petals, and the ever-loved bergamot black tea blend.

*Available in decaf also (minimum 2 oz.)  To purchase add to cart then add comment "decaf" or send e-mail through this website.

Ingredients: *black tea, *cornflower petals, *rose petals, *jasmine petals, *natural oil of bergamot.
Brewing Instructions, serve hot.
Hot Tea:  Place 1 slightly rounded teaspoon of loose tea in strainer. Pour 8 oz. of freshly boiled water over tea.  Steep 3- 7 minutes.  Add cream and sugar to taste.