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Introducing our newest green tea variety, Dragon Well.

anti-oxidant chinese dragon well green tea new product

Dragon Well (Lung Ching in local parlance) is one of China's most famous green teas. Picked early in the spring "before the rains" of mid-April, the leaves are tender, vibrant with flavor, a basic Lung Ching offering a subtle chestnut flavor.  Grown organically on an island on the coast of Zhejiang Province, these fresh leaf buds are pan-roasted in woks to give the leaves their characteristic shape and bring out the natural, sweet qualities of the tea.  The leaves are firmly pressed and shaped against the surface of the roasting wok. Hand-working the leaf gives this tea its distinctive feather-like shape. The...

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Today's Favorite - Golden Monkey Black Tea

black tea chinese golden monkey

Golden Monkey or Jin Hou is a famous Chinese black tea whose leaves are said to resemble monkey paws and is highly prized. This year's Golden Monkey lot offers an elegant, thin leaf and golden-brown buds. The malty flavors of this Fujianese black are lively and quick to the palate. This Golden Monkey has everything a traditionally made, high-grade black tea should. Timely plucking in the early flush of spring, followed with a delicate oxidizing and artful processing has created a blend of elegant aromas and flavors. Golden Monkey offers a full-bodied cup, rich with flavors of malt, hints of chocolate and...

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